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If there's anything that you'd like to see here (about Ms. Dombasle, that is), just ask me .
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Les Infortunes de la Beauté : by an extraordinary chance, there's a small american english sequence in this french film.
Les Infortunes de la Beauté : shopping a la Winona.
Le Jour et La Nuit : So much happens in this short sequence that I took the liberty to add some focus on the details.
If you want more, don't forget the official site.
Xtreme biking ! The old Lady is Brigitte Bardot.
Xtreme fighting : the rare sight of an angry Arielle Dombasle and the  great 1984 Cates-Dombasle wrestling championship.
These 2 (of course !) come from  the stunning DEUX (Werner Schroeter) with an immense Isabelle Huppert. One special mention for this  one : How many agents can tell : my client was Buddha? But she's great here too
The upcoming (not for me !) Sissi : some nice classical singing.